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STORAGE ENERGY EXPORT, s.r.o. founded in business throughout Europe and in the field of renewable energy, accumulation and concentration of energy and finally, measurement and control. The company's goal is also to provide technical and professional support in the field of renewable energy. We provide professional supervision, project coordination. Today, the main theme for the reprocessing of biomass pellets. We focus on the entire supply pelletizing lines, including professional services.

Today, STORAGE ENERGY EXPORT begins to focus on energy storage, thermal energy and electrical energy mainly. Storage energy export, Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of automation and control technologies in industry, especially in manufacturing technology. Storage energy export is company with limited liability team of experienced professionals with extensive experience in building equipment, automation and energy. 

Production of pellets

manufacturing technology for processing biomass and pressed into pellets with a team of experts moves more than 10 years. During this period it gradually improves and rotate each part of the technology so that the resulting production line was of the highest quality and best meet all requirements and economic parameters. Production line usually begins snapping technology in which a tree trunk bark separates due to the quality of the final product - the pellet next step is chopping and crushing biomass to biomass drying quality possibility to allow compaction. For drying of biomass dryers continuous use, but recently put together a line transport dryers. dryer heat source is usually automatic biomass boiler. For belt dryers use waste heat from electricity production. Press part pelletizing technology is leveling the mixing tank, crushing, homogenization, pressed and ends with cooling grading. Expedition product is designed automatic bagging lines, big-Bagi weight or expeditionary forces.

Production of electricity and thermal energy from biomass

in the use of conveyor dryers, which can be dried at temperatures around 90 ° C are addressed by the projects also generate electricity.

Combined heat and power biomass gasification industrial automation and CONTROL

We are a major partner SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, s.r.o. - Category manufacturer of the machine. All of our technology, automation and visualization.

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